Vegetable Biryani Restaurant Style

Vegetable Biryani Restaurant style:
This dum Veg biryani is quite popular all over the world. This is hyderabadi vegetable dum biryani preparation.

Basmati rice:
Carrots: 3 medium sized carrots roughly chopped
Potatoes: 4 medium sized roughly chopped
Frozen peas: 1 Cup
Yogurt: 10 table spoons
Green chillies: 10 Green chilles nicely slice them
Salt to taste
Ginger garlice paste: 2 table spoons
Black Cumin seeds: 3 table spoons
Fried onions: 4 table spoons
Onions: 2 medium sized onions roughly chop it
Biryani masala powder: 4 table spoons
Soya chunks: 2 cups
Fried cottage cheese(Panner) & Fried Cashew nuts: 1 cup together
Coriander & Mint: 1 bunk together chop it.
Oil: 6 table spoons
Bay leaves: 4
Cinnamon sticks: 2
mace: 4
nutmeg: 1
Black cardomom: 4
Star anise: 4
Green cardomom: 8
Saffron soaked in milk

Add 6 table spoons of oil to the bowl, toss the whole biryani spices for about a minute also add 1 table spoon of sahi jeera, add giner garlic paste cook it for about a minute. Add green chillies, add the chopped onions fry the onions to the golden brown color, add 1 and half table spoons of salt. while the onions are turining in it brown color, in parallel also boil the water in other bowl add 5 table spoons of salt to it and also add sahi jeera add let the water boil. once the onions are fried to brown color, we are adding peas, potatoes, carrots, soya chuncks, half of the mint and coriander, Panner and cachew nuts, add 4 table spoons of biryani masala powder, add 6 table spoons of yogurt(Curd)cook it for 4 minutes on medium flame, then cover it with lid and cook it for another 5 minutes, make sure 80% of the vegetables are cooked. Then switch off the flame.
Now if the water is boiling add soaked basmati rice to the boiling water and cook it. once the rice is 80% cooked add the first layer of the rice on top of the veggies, garnish with chopped mint and coriander and fried onions, then add second layer of rice this should be 90% to 95% cooked rice. garnish again with chopped mint and coriander and fried onions and add saffron soaked in milk, cover this vessel tighly with an aluminium foil and cover it with a lid.
keep the vessel back on to the stove and keep the vessel on slowest possible flame and cook it for 25 minutes. your vegetable biryani is ready.

To Make Wonderful Biryani & Enjoy With Your Friends and family, Please Follow The Below Tips

1: Get A Good Basmati Rice & Soak It For 45 mins.(Buy long grain basmati rice) Ex: Diamond
2. While Cooking Biryani, Make Sure You Are Using Thick Bottom & Wide Open Wessel.
3. In Restaurants To Get Nice Colour For Biryani, Along with Saffron Water they add egg yellow colour a Bit, Try once.
4. You can also use any other vegetables.
5. After switching of the flame don’t immediately open the lid, leave it for 5 to 10 mins.

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