2 Hours Of Modern Lounge Music 2016 – 2017 (Mix #1) By Ron Gelinas

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2 Hours of Modern Lounge Music 2016 – 2017 (Mix #1) by Ron Gelinas. Chill and relax to original mix tracks featuring ambient and atmospheric sounds with haunting and hypnotic melodies.

00:00:00 – Ron Gelinas – Subtle Swagger –
00:03:37 – Ron Gelinas – Mystical Lounge –
00:07:15 – Ron Gelinas – Moonlight Escapade –
00:10:12 – Ron Gelinas – Electric Lounge –
00:13:49 – Ron Gelinas – Driving in the Rain –
00:17:09 – Ron Gelinas – Ascension –
00:20:30 – Ron Gelinas – Getting It Done –
00:24:08 – Ron Gelinas – Let It Go Now –
00:27:56 – Ron Gelinas – Mood Fabrics –
00:31:03 – Ron Gelinas – Call of the Butterfly –
00:34:15 – Ron Gelinas – Tenacity –
00:37:44 – Ron Gelinas – The Wrath of a Jilted Lover –
00:41:10 – Ron Gelinas – Exceptional is the Norm –
00:45:09 – Ron Gelinas – It’s Over –
00:49:15 – Ron Gelinas – Where Are We? –
00:52:52 – Ron Gelinas – Morning Glory –
00:56:52 – Ron Gelinas – Wistful Longing –
01:00:07 – Ron Gelinas – Happy Hour –
01:03:50 – Ron Gelinas – Feeling Good –
01:07:29 – Ron Gelinas – Anticipation –
01:12:01 – Ron Gelinas – Ethereal Dance –
01:15:28 – Ron Gelinas – We Are Harmony –
01:18:39 – Ron Gelinas – New Day –
01:22:06 – Ron Gelinas – With Purpose –
01:25:14 – Ron Gelinas – Joyful Discovery –
01:28:41 – Ron Gelinas – Twilight Epiphany –
01:33:12 – Ron Gelinas – Electro Groove –
01:36:44 – Ron Gelinas – Blue Lagoon –
01:40:02 – Ron Gelinas – Stargazing –
01:44:01 – Ron Gelinas – Optimism –
01:48:35 – Ron Gelinas – You and Me –
01:51:49 – Ron Gelinas – Pre-Dawn Awakening –
01:55:21 – Ron Gelinas – Summer Splendour –
01:58:54 – Ron Gelinas – Over The Horizon –


These tracks are available to license for commercial use in your own videos, presentations, web ads and corporate, retail, fashion, TV, film and game media. Contact me via YouTube if you are interested.

Best Indian Restaurant: Prashad – Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay makes a trip to Bradford to check out indian restaurant, Prashad.

Gordon Ramsay in search of Britain’s best restaurant. Top restaurants from around the UK compete to win the title.

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Matilda – Funny Restaurant Scene

Here is the really funny restaurant scene from the 1996 film Matilda (which is based on the book by Roald Dahl). In my mind, Roald would’ve loved seeing this movie, had he not died in 1990.

Roald Dahl (September 13, 1916 – November 23, 1990).


At an ordinary looking restaurant in Japan,
two tourists witness incredible scenes.

A waiter suddenly puts an egg-shaped switch on the table.
When they push the switch, chefs’ amazing performances start in front of them.

Iai action of an egg, Onion juggling, and back flip-turning of the pan…
Also with countless small techniques, their amazing actions finish with far-distanced pouring ketchup performance.

The tourists try to capture the great skills. After taking photos, a woman t looks disappointed. On the contrary, a man looks very satisfied by checking the preview screen of DSLR.

In the end of the movie, 2 dishes of omelet rice were brought to their table…

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Chilli Chicken – Restaurant Style | Spicy Chilli Chicken| Dry Indo Chinese Chilli Chicken

in this video recipe see how spicy indo chinese chilli chicken is made in restaurants in the video I have used sambhal which is a spicy chilli garlic paste which enhances the flavour and provide spiciness also teriyaki sauce is acid which enhances the spiciness I hope you like the recipe 🙂

Link for the recipe :

Alternatives to sambal :



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Asia’s Most Expensive Restaurant ($1,000+/person)

I visited the Most Expensive Restaurant in Asia at ,000+ A Person!
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Trendy Restaurant – SNL

A couple (Peter Dinklage, Aidy Bryant) takes their friends (Vanessa Bayer, Beck Bennett) to a restaurant set in a former sex parlor.

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AIB : Honest Bars & Restaurants | Part 02

AIB : Honest Bars & Restaurants | Part 02
We take an honest look at bars and restaurants!

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Sahir Raza

Creative Director
Tanmay Bhat

Written By
Rohan Desai
Utsav Chakraborty
Pranav Tonsekar
Aseem Chandaver

Additional Dialogues
Gopal Datt
Abish Mathew

Assistant Directors
Devarsh Thaker
Love Upadhyay
Nikhil Pai
Mihir Lele
Mamlesh Tiwari

Naveen Polishetty
Kaneez Surka
Juby Devasia
Max Fernandes
Gopal Datt
Sainee Raj
Abish Mathew
Surendra Rajan
Sanket Bhosle
Siddharth Dudeja
Anjali Ujjwane
Nargis Dastur
Bhupendra Joshi

Vivian Singh Sahi

Assistant DOP
Ishaani Roy
Kumar Vivek

Shashwata Datta
Mamlesh Tiwari

Online Editor
Mihir Lele

Sound Design
Shishir Chousalkar

Mehar Chumble

Vidhya Gopal

Naveed Manakkodan
Pranay Puchakayala

Art Directors
Mihir Lele
Sushanth Panda

Social Media
Hitesh Pardeshi

Location Sound
Roshan Pathak

Aayushi Jagad

Deepak Gwande

Make up & Hair
Hasan Ali Shaikh & Team

Whistling Woods International
Barking Deer

Naushad Khan

Colour Correction
Vikrant Studio

Pranav Manna

Cine Craft

Camera & Grips
Amiya Equipments

Sudha Caterers

Jack McBrayer & Triumph Visit Chicago’s Weiner’s Circle – CONAN On TBS

CONAN highlight: Jack McBrayer & Triumph the Insult Comic Dog pay a visit to Chicago’s infamously hostile hot dog stand.

Calico Critters Burger Fries Cafe Playset Queen Elsa Frozen Spongebob Fast Food Restaurant Review


Calico Critters Betty’s Burger Cafe Playset you can create burgers, fries, and drinks for customers like LPS, MLP, Disney’s Frozen Magiclip Queen Elsa and much more. Look! Spongebob and Squidward work here too!

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Mini Baby Barbie Mermaid doll The Pearl Princess with bracelet.

MLP Pinkie Pie Meets Madeline Hatter and become friends.

Watch my Trapped Mermaid Barbie Doll series:

Littlest Pet Shop Sundae Sparkle 10 pack set of pets inspired by ice cream desserts!

Disney Store Frozen Movie Official Kristoff 12 inch doll:

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Singing Pinkie Pie Doll talks and sings.

Disney Store Classic Doll Princess Anna from the movie Frozen

Princess Castle Easter Basket with dolls like Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid) and Snow White.

Disney Store Princess Cinderella, Ariel The Little Mermaid, and Merida from Brave.

Review of the Frozen movie mini figure set from the Disney Store. Princess Anna, Queen Elsa, Olaf, Sven, Prince Hans, and Kristoff. Even MLP’s Pinkie Pie, Applejack and DJ Pon 3 wanna party with them!

Hello Kitty Airlines jet plane playset

Hide and Sweet Littlest Pet Shop collection #3174 Ice Cream Boston Terrier #3175 Gumball Ladybug #3176 Gummi Bear

Dorothy Doll from movie Legends of Oz — Dorothy’s Return . (Lea Michele) “One Day” and “Work With Me”.

Bratzillaz Midnight Beach Glam Gets Wicked Jade J’Adore Doll.

DIY Webkinz Doggy Bone Cone simple easy craft made from clay.

New bobblehead Littlest Pet Shop pets. German Shepard Dog and #3573 Heart Face Kitty Cat.

Kawaii Crush Jamie’s Sunglass Shop.

McDonalds kids happy meal My Little Pony toys:

MLP Blind Bag wave 10 Rainbow Diamond 2014 collection of ponies!!

Littlest Pet Shop Colorfully Sweet Collection set.

Malie Tasker Novi Stars Alien doll.

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